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4.5 sao trên tổng 627 đánh giá
30 Jan 2020 tại 16:09 Ordered things separately, yet it came in the same box, causing hassle when separating orders for two people. Tasted fine.
9 Oct 2019 tại 21:05 My first order with this app. I chose regular salads lots of lettuce and not much else and the avocado was past its best. Delivery time was good but otherwise I was disappointed.
29 Sep 2019 tại 14:47 Very nice salads, recommended. Delivery guy also very polite.
25 Jul 2019 tại 21:33 All good
7 Jul 2019 tại 11:08 The fish was not fresh! My husband got food poisoning...
2 Jul 2019 tại 18:12 Delivery guy was great
14 Jun 2019 tại 14:55 Delicious but could be more generous with toppings (protein in particular). Not the best value for money!
16 May 2019 tại 21:08 The delivery took 90 minutes. Cinnamon chicken salad was good, but it included big chunks of cooked watermelon with the seeds still in it. Didn’t care for that
11 May 2019 tại 14:33 Great salad. Box is cardboard but use plastic forks,bags and cups
6 May 2019 tại 22:05 Smoothie did not have avocado in it as ordered. Salad was mediocre, ordered double portion of protein and was given very little.